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Community Outreach, Referrals and Education (CORE)

CORE is the Community Outreach, Referrals and Education division of the Department on Disability (DOD).  This division creates ongoing collaborative relationships to promote referrals to social services that may include, but are not limited to: housing, emergency shelter, accessible transportation, employment, and job training.

Community education, events and outreach activities are coordinated throughout the year to inform people with disabilities, family members and caregivers on disability related matters and resources to enhance independent living. 

Community Outreach

CORE promotes DOD services and connects its resources to Angelenos through hosting and participating in events, collaborative, partnerships, tabling, and presentations.


Service referrals to community partners are provided to individuals with disabilities and their families. 

Some of those referrals include:

  1. Assistive Technology (AT)
  2. Caregiver Resources
  3. Dentists
  4. Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)
  5. Employment/Return To Work Incentives
  6. Health Clinics
  7. Hospitals
  8. Housing
  9. Independent Living Centers (ILCs)
  10. Legal and Advocacy
  11. Mental Health
  12. Regional Centers


Draw awareness to resources available within the community to empower people with disabilities and their families as well as community organizations